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Alpha 3 - 3 in 1 Shortfill Cap Removal Tool

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The Alpha3 is an innovative yet simple shortfill cap and 10ml nib removal tool designed here in Scotland.

The Alpha 3 saves the use of scissors, screwdrivers, pliers or any and instruments currently used for the removal of nibs/caps. With a simple push and lift motion you’ll be getting shortfill caps off with ease!

The tool is portable and comes with a neckchain which can easily be added to your keys ensuring you have it on you whenever you need it.

Please Note: the Alpha 3 is the original Shortfill Cap Removal Tool and there are a number of inferior Chinese products on the market. You can tell the difference in quality just by the look and feel of it as well as the functionality and how much better the Alpha 3 performs in comparison.



  • Full Metal Construction 
  •  Easily removes
    • 10ml Bottle nibs
    • 60ml Chubby bottle nibs/caps
    • 120ml Chubby bottle nibs
  • Portable
  • Lightweight

Whats in the packet:

  • Alpha3 Nib Removal tool
  • Neck Chain