Binary Coil (single coil)

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Vaporony x Wicked Wires UK Binary coil.
The Binary coil is a very complex, flavourful and dense cloud producing single coil, it offers a very dense cloud with a very flavourful vape, this is due to the many layers of ni80 ribbon wire with in the core of the coil, this coil also features a full ni80 fuse also aiding in and increased performance flavour wise, the binary situated down the centre of the coil is designed as such to aid in juice wicking within the coil.
Nichrome 80 round wire frames, kanthal .4/ni80 .3 ribbon wire cores with ni80 round wire fuse and binary inlay
* Post-fire pulse:
    * 4 wrap / 4mm ID:
        * Single coil: 0.15+ ohms

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