Charity Christmas Cards

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This year we created a range of Christmas cards we think look pretty good and capture the spirit of Christmas, but with a twist.

Five cards, five popular scottish insults and a detailed dictionary definition on the inside incase you're sending a card to some local buggar outside of Scotland.

"Arsehole", "Bawbag", "Diddy", "Fanny" and "Numpty". A card for every dafty in your life....some of you might need a few packs.


Each card is uniquely designed and finished with a matt finish and high quality emoboss across the writing on the front of each card. There are 5 x A5 cards in each pack and each card come with an envelope.


And us usual all proceeds go to a local Edinburgh charity. 

Designed to be shared with a friends and family (the ones with a good sense of humour).