Daedalus Pro

Daedalus Pro

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Daedalus Pro Clapton Wire DIY Tool is released by Avidartisan, it is best coil maker ever in ecig industry. In addition to traditional coil maker the Daedalus DIY tool enhance ability to construct your own flat Clapton coilsStaple Clapton coils, Fused Clapton coils, Alien Clapton coils and much more depending how much creative you are. Avidartisan has created the art beyond your imaginations, and if you are looking to save amount this DIY Tool is all the time best choice, just get rid off of buying Pre-Wrapped Clapton coils and start creating your own desired as mention above Clapton Coils.

Daedalus Clapton Wire with DIY Tool by Avidartisan Content:

  • 1pc Smart Coil Jig
  • 1pc Daedalus Body
  • 1pc Tool Clamp
  • 1pc User Manual
  • 2pc Springs
  • 2pc Screw Nuts
  • 2pc Swivel Coastlock
  • 2pc Magical Clapton Tool

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