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Drasberry Tea Shortfill is sweet dragon fruit coupled with crisp, sharp raspberries infused with sweet tea, to make a satisfyingly refreshing taste extravaganza.

Death To Hipster Bears! Shortfill is a well-balanced blend of tasty tropical fruits and sweet gummy bears.

Manchee Black Edition Shortfill, where ripe blackcurrants meet the tangy, exotic flesh of a lychee to create an unforgettably flavoursome, tropical combination.

Blackcurrant Tunes Shortfill is cool and refreshing, the perfect fusion of ripe blackcurrants, refreshing mint and sweet eucalyptus delivering an unforgettable taste sensation.

Bloodlust Shortfill has all the fun of a zombie apocalypse, only without the screaming. The juice of a blood orange, expertly balanced against a backdrop of sour grapefruit, with a splash of strawberry syrup to sweeten and some ice cubes thrown in for that extra cool kick.

Fresca Shortfill is a combination of fresh watermelon juice and sweet strawberry sorbet, blended to perfection to create a truly beautiful taste sensation.

Sunset Slush is a thirst-quenching blend of sweet orange syrup and refreshing blood oranges.

Boss Reserve Shortfill is a blend of honey graham crackers, toasted nuts and freshly sliced banana finished with creamy milk – it’s cereally good!

Nut Job Boss Shot is a delectable medley of roasted nuts. From peanut, to almond. Hazel nut to walnut. Under the main profile hides a soft, milky vanilla pudding with a drizzle of gooey caramel for good measure

So Nice Shortfill. This classic treat is a must for the coconut connoisseurs. So Nice is the perfect balance between a creamy vanilla biscuit and sweet coconut with a light dusting of sugar.

Strawberry Macaroon Shortfill is a delicious mix of fruity strawberries and light cream with an almond and coconut macaroon base.

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