ROGUE - Limited Edition Full Print
ROGUE - Limited Edition Full Print

ROGUE - Limited Edition Full Print

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We are exclusive retailers of ROGUE USA mods in Scotland.


The ROGUE USA mod was developed for several reasons. As the vape community has grown, so have frustrations and disappointments with the hardware we use. Not to mention the confusion, and misunderstanding as to the function and performance of such devices. Along with these issues, safety has become the most important concern of the competition mod.


In the unlikely event a battery should vent, the device MUST be designed to safely release the energy through proper ventilation. In addition to safety, performance is the second largest focal point of our mods.


With the use of the finest American sourced materials, in conjunction with true American craftsmanship, maximum performance is achieved. We have also incorporated the use of a medical grade poly fiber spring, providing a smooth throw, omitting heat transfer and voltage drop. With extensive testing and research, we are proud to offer the ROGUE USA mod.


The Limited Edition Full Prints are individually serialised, constructed of Brass/Stainless Steel and is of the high standards set by ROGUE USA mods.


Snakeskin Stainless Steel - Serial No. 010


Snakeskin Brass - Serial No. 014


Steam Punk Stainless Steel - Serial No. 005


Steam Punk Brass - Serial No. 003


Paisley Stainless Steel - Serial No. 036


Skulls & Peony Brass - Serial No. 046


ROGUE USA are that confident of their build quality, they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their devices against any working components. This does not cover misuse.


Mechanical Mods are for advanced users only. These devices are not suitable for a beginner and should only be used by experienced vapers familiar with ohms law, battery safety and rebuild-able atomisers. Whilst with proper understanding, these devices are high performance unrivaled power, they can also be dangerous if used in an incorrect manner. Vaporony will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced devices. Use at your own risk.


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