Head Candy Lozenges

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Head Candy lozenges offer a natural alternative to becoming dependent on nicotine. 

They contain a unique range of natural alkylamides from plant extracts which combine both a physical and chemical approach to the problem of nicotine addiction.The physical involves a gentle in-mouth tingling which helps alleviate immediate cravings and mimic the sensation experienced when smoking.The chemical includes two key components (CB1 and CB2 ligands) which play important roles in modulating cravings, anxiety and relaxation.

Head Candy lozenges are formulated to help quit smoking and reduce reliance on nicotine. Our lozengers contain a range of natural alkylamides that influence the human endocannabidiol receptor system, aiming to reduce cravings and associative addictive patterns.

Each packed contains 12x hard boiled lozenges.

Our Aruba punch flavour is inspired by the turquoise waters and bustling atmosphere of a Caribbean market. Vibrant mango, succulent pineapple and a hint of spiced rum - a true taste of the tropics.

Our autumn fruits flavour is inspired by hedgerows heavy with fruit on a misty autumnal morning. Blackberries highlighted with sweet wild cherry balanced with a touch of star anise.

Our cola flavour is inspired by a Victorian kitchen with its copper pots overflowing with spices, aromatics and fruits. Exotic kola nut and cinnamon spices enriched with zesty orange and a hint of lime.

Our lime flavour is inspired by the cooling shade of orange groves on a hot summer’s day in the south of Spain. Tangy Mexican lime balanced with sweet Valencia orange over crushed ice.