Kayfun Bridge
Kayfun Bridge

Kayfun Bridge

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The Kayfun experience - now available for the Boro tank. 

The Kayfun BB is a RBA for the Boro tank, designed and made by SvoëMesto.


• AEROKON Airflow Control 

• PEEK insulator 

• Internal Airflow Control (continuously) 

• Airflow:0mm - 1,8mm 

• 316L stainless steel 

• 510 adapter 

• Serial number for authentication 

• Easy assembly and maintenance 

• Premium quality "Made in Germany"



The Kayfun BB has been equipped with the excellent AEROKON airflow control. 

The AEROKON Airflow Control is the first system for MTL tank atomizers that does not restrict the air flow at the entrance of the air duct, but instead directly below the coil. This creates an acceleration in the air flow on the coil, which is delivered more evenly. 

• Better performance on MTL setups 

• Better taste 

• Optimized vapor saturation 

• Quiet 


1x Kayfun BB
1x Kayfun BB - 510 adapter

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