Milkman Shortfills

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Pixie Tarts by The Milkman is part of the Delights range of eliquids. This candy vape takes its inspiration from a classic US candy treat, the Pixie Stick. Featuring a tart & sweet sherbet style candy combination, it has been infused with fruit flavours for an excellent candy vape.

Strudelhaus by The Milkman is inspired by a classic fruit strudel dessert, but this one has a slight twist. Taking a rich pastry base that has been stuffed with Blueberries, baked to perfection and then topped with confectioners sugar, The Milkman have created a wonderful dessert style e liquid that is a must try.

A decadent dessert flavour, Pudding by The Milkman takes a creamy vanilla pudding and infuses it with a hint of zesty lemon to create a delicious dessert!

The Milkman's signature flavour, Crumbleberry is a delicious dessert e liquid that features fresh and sweet raspberries that has been paired with a crispy crumble crust and a light pie cream for the perfect balance between fruit and dessert flavours.

Churrios is a classic flavour by The Milkman. Taking warm Churrios and dusting them with cinnamon infused sugar and dunking them in an ice cold glass of milk that adds the classic milky and creamy aftertaste that The Milkman are known for.

Taking a biscuit base, Milky O's by The Milkman is reminiscent of a specific brand of chocolate cream filled cookies dunked in milk. With that biscuit base, The Milkman have added a slight hint of chocolate, which you'll notice on the inhale. On the exhale, you'll get a rich and creamy milk cut through to provide you with a smooth finish.