Minikin V3/s Charging Base

Minikin V3/s Charging Base

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Dock Charger For The Minikin 3 & Minikin 3s Kit

Asmodus have been absolutely killing their competition over the years and their newest release, the Minikin v3 lives up to the reputation. Bringing you a 200W mod utilising Asmodus' brand new GX-200-UTC chipset, user friendly & crisp touch screen and dual 18650 batteries meaning you can vape at high wattages safely for a long time. At this moment in time the Asmodus Minikin 3 is available only in black, white, or red.

Because of the Minikin 3 and the 3s Kit taking the market by storm with a major popularity, Asmodus now bring you their Minikin 3/S Charging Base, a fast charge dock charger that aims to make using your Minikin 3 and Minikin 3s Kit easier.

Constructed of an incredibly durable and lightweight polymer, the dock has been designed with the user in mind. Making it not only easily portable and super easy to set up, but stylish at the same time. A true must have accessory for your desk at work or even your bedside table at home. 

The Minikin 3/S charging base is connected through a micro-USB cable to your computer or wall plug adaptor (Not supplied) and will give you a consistent 2A charging current, giving you incredibly fast and stable charging times. The Minikin 3 mod & Minikin 3s Kit themselves will charge wirelessly simply by sitting it in the charging dock. The middle concave perfectly fits the Minikin 3 kits perfectly and lines up with the gold plated contacts on the bottom of the mod giving you a solid connection while also holding your mod in place so it wont just fall over if knocked.

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