MTN Coils

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These handmade Premium coils are exclusive to Vaporony in Scotland.

Meticulously crafted and put through a strict 6 stage cleaning process to ensure the ultimate vape experience.

(The ohm rating is calculated per dual coil. If you wish to know the ohms of a single coil then just times the ohm rating by 2).

Available in 8 wonderful variants:

Our Fused Claptons 0.16ohm comes with 2 pairs in the tube

£9.99 for a pair of:        Fused Claptons 0.16ohm            Framed Staples 0.11ohm           Stags 0.11ohm

£11.99 for a pair of: Custom Aliens 0.16ohm   Custom Fused Claptons 0.21ohm   Alien Framed Staple (Fralien)0.11ohm 

£13.99 for a pair of: Tri-Core Staggered Fused Claptons 0.11ohm

£17.99 for a pair of 5 core Staggered Fused Claptons 0.11ohm


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