Ni90 Framed Staple

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Vaporony x Wicked Wires UK Framed Staple Coils.
Framed Staple Coils are a very flavourful and dense cloud producing coil, they offer the same type of performance as revwrapz staggertons, at a slightly higher ohm due to using the same kanthal/ni80 core wires but fused with ni90 in a slightly different technique and including one extra wrap to raise ohm level slightly. Framed Staple Coils are perfect for those vapers who prefer to be above .10 ohms on their vape devices.
Nichrome 80 round wire frames, NI80 .3 ribbon wire cores with ni90 round wire fuse 
Sold in pairs 
* Post-fire pulse:
    * 6 wrap / 3mm ID:
        * Single coil: 0.24-.26Ω
        * Dual coil: 0.12-13Ω

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