Noms X2
Noms X2
Noms X2
Noms X2

Noms X2

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Experience the Phenomenon that is Nomenon. Get your nom on and on!

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin - a warm juicy jackfruit paired with a zesty mandarin orange spiked with a touch of Cactus.

Kiwi Passionfruit Nectarine - an exotic fruit combo featuring the sweet taste of Kiwi paired alongside a tart passion fruit and a juicy zesty nectarine.

White Peach Raspberry - a smooth white peach backed up by a fiery dose of sharp raspberry



120ml shortfill bottle containing 100ml of zero nicotine eliquid, leaving 20ml to add additive if you choose

All of our shortfills come with enough nicotine to make it 3mg, if you require a stronger strength then add your extra nicotine here:

Standard 18mg Nic Shot

20mg Nic Salt booster (adds nicotine salt to mix, smoother vape).

Menthol 18mg Nic Shot (adds cold, menthol to mix).

Sweet 18mg Nic Shot (adds sweetner to mix).


We will send a mixing bottle large enough to hold the extra nicotine for free.