Salty Blasda

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Flavour Profile

Salty Blasda are a unique way to get larger nic salt bottles! Each bottle has 30ml of concentrate and each bottle comes with 3 x nic salt shots to make a 60ml bottle, 10mg strength!

A delicious mix of fruits and desserts.


Melon Gum - Honeydew melon and bubblegum

Lemon Fluff - Lemon, marshmallow

Old School - Strawberry, scones and cream

Raspberry Fluff - Raspberry, marshmallow

Tropeeze - Tropical fruit medley

Grapeeze - A delightful grape soda that will have your tongue in a spin

Peach Fluff - The Plumpest peaches dipped in gooey marshmallow, a real fruity treat.

Orange Fluff - Cold zesty, ripe oranges and lashings of fluffy marshmallow, heaven in a bottle.

Apple Fluff - A mix of apple and orchard fruits, topped with gooey fluff, a tasty sweet treat.

Jammy Custard - Sweet creamy custard finished off with some homemade strawberry jam mmm.

FizzBerry - A refreshing blend of mixed berries and fresh lemonade - perfect or a summers' day.


All 10mg in strength and come with 3 x nic salt shots.

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