Slushy Man Range

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Brainfreeze: features a delicious and icy blue raspberry slushy that has been combined with fruity sweet and sour candy!

Juicynerds: Remember those candy nerds that we all loved as a child? takes those and combines them with Green Apples for an explosion of candied apple goodness!

Iceberry: pomegranates combined with strawberries and menthol for an added icy blast.

Icemelon: features juicy watermelon slush through and through - and as the name implies it features an icy blast!

Lucious: features juicy strawberries, delicate peaches and an icy hit of menthol to tie it all together.

Overfill: is one of the most popular flavours of the Slushy Man range, featuring Pomegranates and Strawberries blended together for a vape that will stimulate your senses!

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