Staple Stag Fused Claptons

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Vaporony x Wicked Wires UK staple staggered fused clapton Coils.
SSFC coils are a very flavourful and dense cloud producing coil, they offer a very dense cloud production due to the open style of the coil and its many layers of ribbon wire found with in the core of the coil, as well as a full ni80 fuse and frame which aids in a flavourful vape and a long lasting coil.
Nichrome 80 round wire frames, ni80 .3 ribbon wire cores with ni80 round wire fuse 
Sold in pairs 
* Post-fire pulse:
    * 5 wrap / 3mm ID:
        * Single coil: 0.20-.22Ω
        * Dual coil: 0.10-12Ω

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