Susco kerch V1.5 RBA
Susco kerch V1.5 RBA

Susco kerch V1.5 RBA

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The Kerch is proudly made in the USA, in very limited supply, and highly, highly sought after. These one-of-a-kind works of art allow you to run larger than normal builds and dual builds with your bridge devices. Each Kerch comes with the Coil Clout logo engraved on the back.

The 1.5mm is ideal for a flavoursome, restricted draw and the 2.5mm is surprisingly airy allowing for a more RDL draw.

The Kerch 1.5 RBA is a Bridge for BORO devices designed to work with all standard Bridge devices including but not limited to the Billet Box, SXK, Dot AIO, Pulse AIO, Abyss, and more


1 x Kerch x Susco 1.5 RBA

1 x 1.5mm airflow pin

1 x 2.5mm airflow pin (pre-installed)

1 x spares