Tasty Candy Range
Tasty Candy Range
Tasty Candy Range
Tasty Candy Range
Tasty Candy Range

Tasty Candy Range

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Citrus Burst - Tasty Candy features the original taste of a lemon and lime candy, no joke! Just delicious!!

Grapple Drops - Tasty Candy features a bunch of grape candy blended with sour green apple candy for a tantalising vape, mmmmmm delicious!!

Super Cola - Tasty Candy features a fizzy cola drink infused with bold cherry and dominating candy notes creating a super cherry cola candy, yumm!!

Sour Pops - Tasty Candy features sweet and sour gummy candy, you’ll get a sweet gummy taste on the inhale which is then balanced by a burst of sour on the exhale, Just delicious!!

Tropican Punch: Punchy candied tropical taste. Ideal for a nice summers day.

All of our shortfills come with enough nicotine to make it 3mg, if you require a stronger strength then add your extra nicotine here:

Standard 18mg Nic Shot

20mg Nic Salt booster (adds nicotine salt to mix, smoother vape).

Menthol 18mg Nic Shot (adds cold, menthol to mix).

Sweet 18mg Nic Shot (adds sweetner to mix).


We will send a mixing bottle large enough to hold the extra nicotine for free.