The Fog Clown
The Fog Clown
The Fog Clown
The Fog Clown
The Fog Clown

The Fog Clown

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Lykos Lychee Blackcurrant a sweet blend of blackcurrant and Lychee, finished with the fog clowns chilled exhale that balances a fine vape for everyday.

Mojos Mojito Mango the famous mango mojito cocktail served on the rocks with vibrant blends of Mint, Lime and a hint of mango on the exhale.

Pinkos Mixed Berry Lemonade a funky blend of lemons, mixed berries and sodas. Experience the clowns kick of freezy refreshing lemonade with a twist of juicy mixed berries best served cold!

Sajos Strawberry Kiwi a sweet strawberry kiwi flavour whipped up with an infusion of the clowns signature blast of cool freshness!

All of our shortfills come with enough nicotine to make it 3mg, if you require a stronger strength then add your extra nicotine here:

Standard 18mg Nic Shot

20mg Nic Salt booster (adds nicotine salt to mix, smoother vape).

Menthol 18mg Nic Shot (adds cold, menthol to mix).

Sweet 18mg Nic Shot (adds sweetner to mix).


We will send a mixing bottle large enough to hold the extra nicotine for free.