The Rochford Project

The Rochford Project

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The Black Vine - Their Famous blackcurrant & grape, labelled as 'Crack' by Vaping with Vic

Crimson Seed - A delicious strawberry jam tart.

A Most Curious Curdle - Tart and sweet lemon curd

Lemon Lush - Cakey, zesty and beautifully sweet lemon drizzle cake

Kooky - Fluffy marshmallows, freshly baked cookies. Marshmallow cookie, rocky road without the chocolate.

Slightly Twisted - Zesty, fresh, candy. Lime sour candy.

Raspberry Milk - A luxurious raspberry milkshake.

Lemon Meringue - Freshly baked lemon meringue tart.

Midnight Oil - 'The Midnight Oil' is a lightly roasted espresso with creamy vanilla dairy milk and a shot of caramel syrup.

Strawberries & Cream - Classic strawberry cheesecake.

Kasiandora Cream - The latest offering from The Rochford Project is the perfect blend of Peach & Orange with Strawberry & Pineapple to help to blend them all in together with cream to create a thick fruit smoothie/yogurt.




Standard 18mg Booster Shot

20mg Salt Booster (adds nic salt to mix, smoother vape).

Menthol 18mg Booster Shot (adds cold, menthol to mix).

Sweet 18mg Booster Shot (adds sweetner to mix). 


We will send a mixing bottle large enough to hold the extra nicotine for free.

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