Twelve Monkeys Ice Age

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Hakuna iced - one of Tribe12M’s favorite all-day vapes is back and better than ever on ice! Keep cool with sliced fuji and granny smith apples followed by a light, chilled cranberry exhale! 65VG/35PG

Mangabeys iced - Enjoy this summer under the Caribbean sun with the new and refreshing Mangabeys! Fresh pineapple, mango and guava juice carefully blended with ice. Kick your feet up and sit back with your favorite drink and vape in your hands! 70VG/30PG

Matata iced - It gets hot in the jungle and Matata has a wise monkey secret to beat the heat! Kick back this summer with a refreshingly bold blend of ice cold grapes and slices of juicy apples! 75VG/25PG

Nikko Iced - eLiquid by Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Series 50ml is a Limited Edition e-Juice, a blend of Watermelon and Lemonade filled with crushed ice. Inspired by the snow monkeys in the mountains of Nikko. 65VG/35PG

Puris iced - Making its way from the Origins lineup, the new world monkeys keep cool with this delightful blend of fresh peach, citrus and ice! This vibrant blend will keep you revitalized and fresh all summer long! 70VG/30PG

Sabae iced - The tribe of Sabaeus monkeys from the coastal regions introduce their secret recipe for staying cool. A complex and vibrant sorbet with zingy notes of raspberry, lime and a hint of pineapple! 65VG/35PG

Tropika iced - Tropika is back and better than ever! Our exotic tropical blend of lychee, papaya and passion fruit has been meticulously balanced to give you a mouthful of tropical flavour with a refreshing cool finish. This is one of the Tribe’s favourites for 2019! 70VG/30PG


Standard 18mg Booster Shot

20mg Salt Booster (adds nic salt to mix, smoother vape).

Menthol 18mg Booster Shot (adds cold, menthol to mix).

Sweet 18mg Booster Shot (adds sweetner to mix). 



We will send a mixing bottle large enough to hold the extra nicotine for free.

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