Valhalla V2 RDA 30mm
Valhalla V2 RDA 30mm

Valhalla V2 RDA 30mm

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Vaperz Cloud, the king of big RDA's! The Valhalla is no exception.

The Asgard 30mm is regarded as one of the best 30mm RDA's on the market, well move aside because the Valhalla V2 is far superior.

Better flavour, better airlfow and clouds. The build deck is really easy to build on and get right.



  • 30mm Outer Diameter
  • 88 Intake Airflow Holes
  • Top-to-Bottom Airflow Design
  • Four 3.5mmX3.5mm Post Holes
  • 11mm Juice Well
  • Inner ULTEM AFC Chamber
  • ULTEM Chamber Reducer
  • Spares baggies


  • 1x 30mm Valhalla V2 RDA
  • Bag of spares
  • 1x Ultem Chamber Reducer
  • 1x Inner Ultem AFC Chamber


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