Viking Grip
Viking Grip

Viking Grip

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Immortal Modz Viking Grip by Armageddon MFG is the revised edition of the most popular hard hitting mod in recent years, the OG mod.

The Viking Grip mechanical mod by Immortal is 20650/20700/21700 compatible, with a stylish clip fire that doubles up as a clip for your jeans. As well as this you get two different Hats, allowing it to accommodate Atomizers from 27mm up to 30mm with no overhang

These mods are well constructed, very powerful and perform amazingly well with the added safety of the locking mechanism.

There are only 400 mods and each mod is serialised with its own unique no.


90mm Tall

28mm Body

27mm top hat 30mm top hat Copper contacts  Hybrid connection  Brass body  Serialized  clip activated device  clip also function's as a belt clip safety switch on the bottom

20700/21700 compatible (batteries sold seperately)


Package contents

1 Atom mod

27mm Hat

30mm Hat

Mechanical Mods are for advanced users only. These devices are not suitable for a beginner and should only be used by experienced vapers familiar with ohms law, battery safety and rebuild-able atomisers. Whilst with proper understanding, these devices are high performance unrivaled power, they can also be dangerous if used in an incorrect manner. Vaporony will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced devices. Use at your own risk.

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Battery guide:

Here at Vaporony we understand the importance of battery safety, which is why we only stock high quality batteries.

Sony VTC5A - Size: 18650, Ratings: 2500mah, 20amp - This battery is ideal for regulated devices and mechanical mods alike. Price: £7.49 or 2 for £10 when purchased with a mod.

Sony VTC6 - Size: 18650, Ratings: 300mah, 15amp - This battery is best suited for regulated devices and offers more battery life. Price: £8.49 or 2 for £12 when purchased with a mod.

Samsung 20s - Size: 18650, Ratings: 2000mah, 30amp - This battery is best suited for mechanical devices, safe and hard hitting. Price: £8.49 or 2 for £12 when purchased with a mod.

Samsung 30T - Size: 21700, Ratings: 3000mah, 35amp - This battery is excellent in either regulated or mechanical devices. Price: £8.49 or 2 for £12 when purchased with a mod.