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Cereal Milk – If you have satisfying memories of slurping up the sweet milk left in the bowl after eating your cereal, then this cereal-infused milk will leave you feeling like a kid again.
Deliciously sweet and ever-so-slightly nutty, it’s exactly what the label says it is.

Jam Scone – Light, buttery, crumbly scone smothered with generous layers of sweet, fruity jam and indulgent clotted cream.

Jelly & Ice CreamA perfectly wobbly, fruity jelly with a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream on the side.

Peach & Mango   Luscious, juicy peaches and exotic, golden mangoes are a perfect match with thick, indulgent yogurt.

Peanut Brittle – Sweet, buttery, caramelised sugar enrobing a bed of deliciously crunchy peanuts.
All the fun of the fair and absolutely nothing to get stuck in your teeth. It’s a winner!

Pink Lemonade – Our take on a traditional lemonade paired with hints of pink grapefruit and delicious, ripe raspberries; Delicately carbonated to give it a modern twist.

Toffee Popcorn – A taste sensation of perfectly popped kernels of corn crowned with a golden coating of sweet, crunchy toffee.  Deliciously satisfying and unique in flavour.

Tobacco 24/7 - A medium-to-deep profile of cedar, lightly toasted hazelnut and delicate caramel that alternates in intensity throughout, makes this…
The ULTIMATE tobacco.

Custard Cream Biscuit

Aniseed Twist


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