Wick liquor salts
Wick liquor salts

Wick liquor salts

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Carnival Nic Salt by Wick Liquor  - Take a trip to the fair! Carnival by Wick Liquor delivers the flavour of a delicious fried dough cooked and served at a carnival. When you're in the mood for something festive, this is the e-liquid that you should choose.

Contra Nic Salt by Wick Liquor  - Don't you love a simple, unassuming fruit dessert? Contra by Wick Liquor captures that flavour with its combination of sweetened berries and rare European citrus.

Deja Voodoo Nic Salt by Wick Liquor  - If you've ever visited a farmer's market in Hawaii, you know that there's nothing tastier than fresh water from a young green coconut. Deja Voodoo by Wick Liquor captures the flavour of creamy coconut with a bit of raw sugar cane. You're going to love this e-liquid.