Zap salts
Zap salts
Zap salts
Zap salts
Zap salts
Zap salts

Zap salts

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Better than lemonade, it's Melonade!
The luscious blend of honeydew melon and
thirst-quenching lemonade titillates your taste-buds
and satisfies your senses.

Lychee Lemonade:

Experience the tangy zest of lemonade evolving
into an exotic, sweet lychee.
Beautifully balanced like a gymnast on a beam.

Passionfruit Zest:

Refreshing citrus zest goes perfectly
with sweetened passionfruit.
A vape so juicy you?ll keep coming back for more!

Snow Pear:

A ferocious snowstorm rages within the sweet Asian pear, just plucked from the mountains of China!

Peach Iced Tea:

Simple and Sweet. Soft peaches and loose tea leaves in a relaxing mixture, perfect for a peaceful day in the garden.