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All your vaping questions answered...

Where is your store?
Our store is located on 17 Shandwick Place in the city centre of Edinburgh.
We offer any help and advice you might need to quit smoking or upgrade your current device. We can help you work your way down nicotine levels, saving you even more money in the long-term.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the inhale and exhale of vaporized liquid, this liquid is usually a mix of propelyene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavourings

When combined with Nicotine it is a very effective way to help quit smoking.

There are two ways in which to inhale vapour and different devices will be suited for one of these methods.


MTL: Mouth to Lung

This is to replicate a draw like a cigarette, this is usually used for those new to vaping and is inhaled into the mouth and then into your lungs like a cigarette. This is used with higher resistance coils and lower power.

DTL: Direct to Lung

Usually for intermediate to advanced users, this type of draw is directly into your lungs and then exhaled quite quickly. Higher power and lower resistance coils are associated with DTL draws. Also the term subohm, with means the coil resistance is lower than 1.0 ohm.




How do vaping devices work?

All vaping devices work in the same fundamental way:  A battery powers a coil (heating element) that turns the e-liquid into vapour.  Vape devices come in all shapes and sizes, all doing the same job but in their own way.

Why should I vape?

Vaping is a successful method for stopping smoking, with having financial benefits it also has a massive health benefit.


As study shows from leading health organisations show that it is up to 95% better for you than smoking.


Some of these organisations are listed under 'Is vaping safe?'


This is not completely risk free, however it is a significant improvement from smoking.

The financial benefits vary from person to person depending on a few factors such as: the brand of cigarettes you smoke, how many you smoke a day, and whether you smoke cigarettes, rollups, cigars to name but a few. 

Is vaping safe?

Leading health organisations including the Royal College of General Practitioners, British Medical Association and Cancer Research UK agree that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. Based on the currently available evidence, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians estimate they are at least 95% less harmful.
With regards to the latest media attention that our industry has received, we would like to inform the community that this is largely due to unregulated and illegal THC cartridges. Our entire range of liquid is heavily regulated and has none of the chemicals associated with these deaths.
Our staff are happy to discuss this with all of our customers and can show you different articles that back up what is said above.Here is a link to an article released in the guardian about UK vaping :

Can I quit smoking by vaping?

This is a difficult one as there are so many different factors with regards to quitting smoking.  Vaping will certainly aid you in quitting smoking, but this needs to be partnered with Will Power, the correct device and the right level of nicotine for maximum effect.


There are two ways in looking at this, are you wanting to use vaping to completely stop all together ie stop smoking then stop vaping or are you happy with switching to a healthier alternative from our experience those that are unsure or have not come to terms with either of these options end up picking up cigarettes again.


The one thing that is guaranteed with vaping is the habit of picking something up and putting it to your mouth. This is one of the reasons smoking is so hard to give up.

What is the correct device for me?

Mouth To Lung : These devices replicate a cigarette draw and create very little vapour, they are in most cases used with a higher nicotine strength. They are perfect for new starts because they replicate that cigarette draw. They are low powered which allows the user to use high nicotine without it being so strong that they physically cannot use the device.


For more information on the right device for you pop into store and discuss with our experienced staff or contact us.

Direct To Lung : These devices usually create a large amount of vapour, they are very rarely used with high nicotine. Here at Vaporony would recommend these are used with low nicotine i.e. 3mg, 6mg and are for more flavour and enjoyment. This does not mean that if you are on a higher nicotine strength that these devices are not right for you, this is just a basic rule of thumb and a guideline.
For more information on the right device for you pop into store and discuss with our experienced staff or contact us.

What  nicotine strength should I use?

Below is a rough guide for new starts.
There are two types of nicotine when it comes to vaping.
The guide below refers to what is called free base nicotine. This is currently the most common type of nicotine found in vape e-liquid.
3mg - upto 5 cigarettes a day
6mg - upto 10 cigarettes a day
12mg - between 11 and 19 cigarettes a day
18mg - 20+ cigarettes a day
For more information please contact us.
Nicotine Salts
This is a newer type of nicotine found in e-liquid. The difference bewteen traditional free base nicotine and Nicotine Salts is free base can be a lot harsher on your throat as the nicotine strength increases. With Nicotine salts the draw is a lot smoother and acts faster. As free base is absorbed through soley through your lungs, Nicotine Salts are absorbed as you begin to inhale. This gets into your system faster and gives you a very similar relief to smoking a cigarette.
Nicotine Salts because they are smoother and faster acting give you a far superior nicotine relief.
These usually come in 10mg or 20mg.
For more information please contact us

What is in my e-liquid?

There are 3 main ingredients:
Vegetetable Glycerin (VG)
Propelyene Glycol (PG)
Flavourings ( used in every day foods)
Nicotine (freebase or Nicotine Salt)
 Most e-liquids contain a blend of both PG and VG to balance out the characteristics of each. Flavouring is added to e-liquids to make them easier to consume. Even tobacco e-liquids are made from synthetic flavours and contain no tobacco products. Nicotine is added as a substitute for the nicotine in traditional cigarettes. Although addictive, the idea is to reduce your nicotine levels over time until you no longer crave or consume nicotine.

Can I vape anywhere?

The answer to this is no, although it does not fall under the smoking ban per say. You cannot vape in Hospitals, airports, flights, doctors surgeries etc. However there is no law technically stoping you from vaping in Pubs and Clubs. As these are privately owned properties it is up to the business whether or not you can vape on their premises. If unsure please ask, never assume that it is allowed.

How do I reduce my Nicotine levels?

How you reduce your nicotine is completely up to you. Everyone is different and what works for you may not work for someone else.
Gradually you want to step down a nicotine strength but this is easier said than done. Willpower is essential and don't rush it, stepping down too early may result in a cigarette craving.
We are here to help you every step of the way.

What is a shortfill?

A shortfill is a bottle of e-juice that isn't quite full, leaving enough space to add nicotine. The reason these exist is because of the regulations that were introduced in May 2017 called the Tobacco Products Directive also known as TPD. These regulations don't allow any bottle larger than 10ml to be sold with nicotine already mixed. Shortfills allow the sale of larger bottles of e-juice, nicotine comes in a 10ml bottle separately and can then be added by the user.
For example a 50ml shortfill is 50ml of e-juice in a 60ml bottle, add 10ml of 18mg nicotine to this and you have 60ml of e-liquid at 3mg.

What is a Nic Shot?

A Nic Shot is a 10ml bottle of concentrated nicotine to be added to Shortfill e-liquids. We have a variety of Nic Shots.
Standard Nic Shot - 18mg Nic Shot using the conventional freebase nicotine.
We also stock:
Nic salt booster - adds nicotine salt to your shortfill for a smoother e-liquid.
Cool Nic Shot - adds menthol to your shortfill aswell as nicotine.
Sweet Nic shot - adds sweetner to your shortfill aswell as nicotine.

Shortfill Nic Shot Guide

Generally, manufacturers leave just enough space for enough Nic Shots to make 3mg strength in liquids.60ml Shortfills contain 50ml of 0mg e-liquid with enough space for ONE 10ml Nic Shot. When the 18mg Nic Shot is added to the e-liquid this is diluted to 3mg.120ml Shortfills contain 100ml of 0mg e-liquid with enough space for TWO 10ml Nic Shots. When the 18mg Nic Shots are added to the e-liquid this is diluted to 3mg.
At Vaporony, we have a 70ml Unicorn Bottle which would enable you to fill the contents of your 60ml Shortfill bottle (50ml of e-liquid) and TWO Nic Shots. Please note this will not dilute to a 6mg as you may expect by doubling the Nic Shots, but will create an end result of 5.1mg. The difference between 5.1mg and 6mg is barely noticeable.

How do I add nicotine to my shortfill?

Remove the cap on the shortfill bottle
Apply the required number of Nic Shots
Replace cap
Shake thoroughly to mix the Nicotine throughout the e-liquid.
At vaporony, we recommend that your bottles are kept out of direct sunlight as best as possible. If liquid is quite harsh, then give it a good shake and make sure you can see air bubbles throughout the entire bottle.

What is a coil?

The coil is often seen as the most important component of an e-cigarette. The coil an typically befound at the base of the tank. The purpose of the coil is turn the e-liquid into vapour when power has been applied.
A coil typically comprises of untreated Japanese cotton with a looped wire, hence the term coil,  wrapped around it. Coils come in all shapes and sizes and are usually specific to your tank.
For your tank, there may be a number of variations in coils by resistance. The resistance refers to the resistance in the wire and how much power can be applied to it. The coil will typically have the power range that can be applied to it printed on the casing, usually measures in Watts. Due to the function of the coil, they will need to be replaced periodically, depending on usage.
As a loose rule of thumb, for a typical user a coil will typically last between 7-10days. Factors such as e-liquids with a high sweetener content and high usage will reduce the lifespan of your coil drastically.

How do I know when to change the coil?

There are a few indicators to tell when you need to change your coil.
These include:
• Dramatic loss of vapour
• Loss of flavour
• Burnt taste when vaping
• Visible cotton turns black.

How do I change my coil?

Although changing your coil varies from tank to tank, the basic principle of changing a coil is fairly standard throughout.
The coil is typically found at the base of the tank. (To access this, you may need to remove the top and glass)
• Once you have access to the coil, unscrew the old coil anticlockwise and dispose.
• Screw in the new coil clockwise until finger tight.
• Reassemble the glass and top
• Prime the coil and fill your tank
• Leave to sit for 5-10minutes
• Vape
Please contact us if you need assistance with changing your coil for your specific tank.

Do I need to prime my coil before using?

Priming refers to adding a few drops of e-liquid to the visible cotton on the cold before fist use.
Priming routine:
Three drops on the centre of the coil.
A drop on each of the cotton ports.
Once coil is installed, fill the tank and leave for five minutes.
At Vaporony we recommend you prime your coil. This means put some liquid directly onto the cotton within the coil. There are usually cotton ports, apply a small amount of liquid to each and put a small amount down the centre of the coil. If you refer back to our 'Priming Routine'  if unsure how much to apply. This will allow you to use your vape device quicker and protect the coil if accidently fired when installing etc.

What causes my tank to leak?

There area number of factors which can cause a tank to leak, however we have listed common faults you can check to identify the problem:
• Check the coil is installed properly and finger tight
• Check you are using the coil within the power range marked on the coil
• Check the glass is tightly installed
• Ensure the tank is not laid on its side for extended periods
• Ensure the tank has not been exposed to extreme heat. The liquid will thin and will leak.
• Ensure you are vaping correctly. For MTL tanks use short inhales for DTL tanks use larger longer inhales.

Battery Safety

Some devices use external batteries, usually 18650s, 20700s and 21700s. Although these are completely safe when used correctly, if used or transported incorrectly they can be extremely dangerous.
Some devices have built in batteries which cannot be removed, but battery safety is still paramount.
For battery safety we recommend:
• Switch off your device when not in use.
• When carrying/storing spare batteries you should always use a plastic battery case.
• If batteries come into contact with other metals in your pockets such as keys and coins it can complete the circuit which will result In the battery overheating and exploding. A battery box will prevent the batteries coming in contact with such items. At Vaporony, we are proud to say we will supply a battery box with any batteries you purchase from us. If the wrap on your battery has become visibly damaged such as nicks or peeling exposing the cell itself, do not use!
Battery wraps can be an inexpensive and easy way to replace outer plastic/pvc casing ensuring battery safety.
• Do not use your battery/device if it is damaged,  swollen or feels hot
• Although some devices have internal charging, we always recommend you use an external charger (link to chargers). These usually have a built in cut off to minimise risk.
• Only use recommended and tested chargers
• Only charge your battery for the required time.
• Do not over charge and do not leave unattended. We recommend that you do not charge overnight.
• Don’t expose your batteries to extreme heat or cold temperatures.
• Avoid contact with water. If you need to clean your device use alcohol wipes.
If you feel your batteries may be compromised, do not use!
Dispose of batteries responsibly. At Vaporony, we have battery bins in our stores and can help you dispose of your unwanted batteries. If it's not possible for you to visit our store, battery bins are usually available at council recycling centres.

Flying with your device/e-liquids

It is safe to fly with your device which will need to be carried in your hand luggage.
You may be required to remove your batteriesfrom your device (external battery devices only) and store in a plastic battery box
Empty your tank before you fly. The change in cabin pressure can cause your tank to leak.
E-liquids can be no larger than 100ml per bottle. You can take multiple bottles.
Vaping is prohibited inside airports are during your flight.

Can I use my vape while on holiday?

It is illegal to vape in some countries, such as Thailand and Dubai, therefore we highly recommend that you research vaping laws/rules for your destination before flying.