Blaze AIO Boro Mod
Blaze AIO Boro Mod
Blaze AIO Boro Mod
Blaze AIO Boro Mod
Blaze AIO Boro Mod
Blaze AIO Boro Mod

Blaze AIO Boro Mod

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Thunderhead Creations Blaze AIO Boro Mod is a collaboration of epic proportions between well esteemed reviewer Mike Vapes and Thunderhead Creations (THC) to bring you an expertly designed AIO that will maximise your potential vaping experience. With a compact yet durable body crafted from high quality Aluminium Alloy, Available in 4 fantastic colour variants, This AIO comes jam packed full of features to appeal to all vapers including the addition of a fully water-proof chipset to give you peace of mind. The Blaze AIO really is a project that has been created with the passion of vaping at its forefront, And the finished result speaks for itself.

Limitless Potential
TheBlaze AIO Boro Mod is powered by an external 18650 Battery (Sold separately) and capable of up to 88w of maximum power output to deliver enough battery life and capable of an extensive variety of vaping experiences across the board. Don’t let its compact size fool you, for a small device this packs a large number of features including various temperature control settings to cater for those that want to customise their experience from the ground up. 

Should you be caught out and about with your Blaze AIO running on a low battery, you can charge your battery within the device at higher speeds thanks to the ability of its integrated USB C charge port with up to 2.5 amps of lightning-fast charging speeds to get you back up in running in as little time as possible. The design of the device also implements plenty of airflow, A fully visible cut out where your boro tank will be allowing clear visibility of your eliquid levels at all times and a simple to use battery door which adapts a simple sliding battery door for installation. The screen is perfect for viewing indoors or outdoors thanks to its clarity showing all essential information at all times including current power, battery life and the ability to check your puffs in its available settings.⁣

Maximising Your Customization 
Should you want to change the aesthetic of your device, all panels are removable as well as the battery tube to allow for a more exposed battery look and as an add on bonus. With a forever growing industry full of custom panel creators and more, the potential finished aesthetic of your device is completely unlimited.
You can even customise your fire button with the inclusion of a flat fire button. Thanks to the zero soldering build of the Blaze AIO, all parts within your device including the chip are easy to access. Should you wish to completely tear down your device to keep up with a meticulous cleaning regime, it is completely possible and incredibly uncomplicated.

Unlock Your Vaping Experience!
With the Blaze AIO and its wide compatibility with boro tanks and RBA’s, all users hold the ability to fully unlock their potential vaping experience. There are a wide variety of possible styles vapers can achieve from MTL and all the way to DL thanks to not only its power levels, But the potential options available including the new Blaze RBA with tank with its ability to unleash the unrelenting flavour profiles of your favourite e-liquids from Nicotine Salts To high VG Shortfills, the choice truly is yours!
To give all users peace of mind, The Blaze AIO is also equipped with a fully waterproof chipset on board. This means should you experience any unfortunate and unexpected leaks, that your device is completely safe from water damage of its chip. The Blaze AIO is also compatible with a huge assortment of integrated drip tips with its Billet Box compatible flush nut, Unlocking access to an even wider access of customisation through the Drip Tip.


Physical Parameter

Size: 85x50.5x23 mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Display: 0.69" OLED Screen
Input Voltage: 3.2v - 4.2v
Output Voltage: 0.5v - 9.0v
Wattage Range: 5.0w -88.0w
TC Range: 200°F-600°F
Resistance Range: 0.08 - 3.15Ω
Charging Rate: 5.0V-2.5A
Battery: 18650
Charging: Type-C Port
Weight: 244g
Colors: Black/Red/Gunmetal/Tiffany Blue

Main Features:

High Customizable
Liquid Proof Chipset
Full Mechanical Construction
Maximum 88w Output
Designed By Mikevapes

Chipset Features:

12 Months Manufacturer Warranty
0.1s Fast Boost Technology
Lowest 0.08Ω Resistance Support
10s Auto Cutoff Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Battery Reverse Protection

More Features:
Compatible With All Boro Tank
510 Standard Adaptor
Two Kinds Of Buttons Included
Two Kinds Of Sleeves Included
Sliding Battery Door
Sliding Panel
High Performance Chipset
Ergonomic Streamlined Design
Multifunctional Wrench Included
Multiple Accessories Included


Blaze AIO
Flat Fire Button
Honeycomb Sleeve
Blaze Wrench
Screw Drivers
Spare Screws
Spare O rings
User Manual
QC Card
Warranty Card
Thanks Card