Firebolt Cotton Threads

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Vapefly Firebolt Cotton is made of organic Japan cotton. Firebolt cotton is able to absorb E-juice quickly and easy to shape and form. Made from 100% organic Japanese cotton with no acetone or glue.


  • Designed for coils with 2.5-3.5mm internal diameter
  • Re-wick your coils in seconds
  • No need to measure and twist any more
  • Organic cotton from Japan

Mixed Package:

  • 20 Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Strips
  • 7 Red for 2.5mm Internal diameter coils
  • 7 Yellow for 3mm Internal diameter coils
  • 7 Blue for 3.5mm Internal diameter Coils



  • 20 Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Strips