Sad Boy Cookie Line

Sad Boy Cookie Line

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Blueberry  Cookie: Shortbread cookies are great alone but paired with juicy ripe blueberries makes them even better. 

Butter Cookie: Shortbread cookies are tasty on their own, but they take on a new life when you combine them with other flavours. Butter Cookie by Sadboy plays on that premise by giving you the flavour of shortbread cookies made from dough infused with lemon zest.

Custard Cookie: Shortbread cookies are tasty on their own, but Sadboy have covered them in a thick layer of warm vanilla custard that makes for one moreish eliquid!

Shamrock Cookie: You've heard of a shamrock shake, now try this shamrock cookie eliquid! All the chocolate, minty goodness baked into a trademark soft and chewy cookie by Sadboy, you know you want to...

Unicorn Tears - Signature cookie topped with a delicious fruit medley will leave you licking your lipe. most definitely moreish



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