nic salts for days
    it's a big box of salts
    Looking for something new but always end up going back to "old faithful"?

    The world of nic salts get bigger and badder every damn day! So stop torturing yourself, let our team of experts send you a hand-picked selection of the world's finest e-liquids and see what else is out there!
    do it, hombre

    Nicotine salts are an ideal replacement for cigarettes and tobacco. They have a faster acting form of nicotine that many find is perfect to quit smoking, have the perfect level of throat hit and work best in pod devices and starter kits.

    They come in two strength, 10mg and 20mg.

    Roughly this translates to a 10 a day habit/10mg and 20 a day habit/20mg.

    If you need more advice, please don't hesitate to get into touch!

    31 products

    31 products