Mad Cow

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Banana Shake – Insanely sweet, ripe bananas with rich vanilla ice cream;  Blended to perfection.

Choc Caramel Shake/ Millionaire's Milkshake – A smooth, rich and chocolatey ice cream shake. 
Ever-so-slightly malty and heavy on the caramel; Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Mint Choc Shake/ Mint Chocolate Parfait – A sublimely rich and indulgent mint chocolate ice cream shake. Absolute heaven!

Strawberry Shake/ Strawberry Whip – A ridiculously flavoursome, ripe strawberry shake. Perfectly thick and fruity.

Vanilla Coconut Shake/ Coconilla Shake – Stunning, smooth and frothy;  A rich and indulgent vanilla ice cream shake with an under-note of creamy coconut.

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