Odin 200 V2

Odin 200 V2

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The Odin 200 V2 is a more refined version of the original Odin. Vaperz Cloud and Dovpo have partnered up again to bring another superb dual 21700 regulated device. 

This version is slightly taller and slightly slimmer but still large enough to take up to a 30mm atty.

The proprietary chipset provides great performance for daily use. With the device being able to take two 21700's you no longer have to choose between power or battery life.


  • Slimmer and lighter than the Odin V1
  • Made from Billet Aluminum
  • Supports 30mm atomizers
  • Color change screen
  • Overall refined and sleeker design
  • 200W Odin v2 chipset
  • BIllet Aluminium
  • Dual 21700 battery (not included)
  • Supports up to 30mm vape tanks and atomizers
  • Colour change screen


  • 1 x Odin V2 By Vaperz Cloud X Dovpo

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