Snowplus Clic 5000
Snowplus Clic 5000

Snowplus Clic 5000

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The Snowplus Clic 5000 stands out as a TPD-compliant disposable vape kit with an impressive 5000 puff capacity and draw-activated functionality.

The Snowplus introduces a revolutionary rechargeable device featuring a 500 mAh battery. This device facilitates mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping through a 2ml pod housing a built-in 0.9Ω mesh coil. An extra 10ml of e-liquid ensures an extended vaping experience, delivering approximately 5000 puffs of rich and authentic flavour.

With a choice of sixteen fruit and menthol flavours, this compact and cost-effective device surpasses its 600-puff counterparts, providing an environmentally conscious alternative with up to six times the utility.

Designed to accommodate varying draw lengths, the Snowplus disposable kit offers up to approximately 5000 puffs, although the actual count may vary based on individual draw durations—longer draws may yield fewer puffs.

Using your Snowplus Clic 5000:
The Snowplus Clic 5000 is easy to use out of the box with a few straightforward steps.

Remove the silicone mouthpiece from the device.
Locate and remove the small silicone plug from the e-liquid pod.
Line up the pod with the corresponding cut-out sections on the battery device and firmly push to install.
Once the juice is all used simply dispose of the kit and buy a new one

Key features of the Snowplus Clic 5000:
Up to 5000 puffs
500mAh rechargeable battery
USB-C charging
Mesh 0.9ohm coil
Dimensions 75.5mmx22mmx41mm

Available in 16 mouthwatering flavours

Blue Lemon Razz
Blueberry Raspberry
Bull Ice
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cranberry
Fizzy Cherry
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Lemon Lime
Mango Strawberry
Mixed Berries
Pineapple Ice
Pink Lemonade
Raspberry Watermelon
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Raspberry
Strawberry Watermelon